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New Products & Specials

Written by Jamie. Posted in Company Info

Here is a list of new and popular products on sale this quarter (ending April 30, 2013).  After returning from 2 industry trade shows in January, we found the number 1 and 2 more popular items going into 2013 are Stylus Pens and Microfiber Cloths -- Tech items for your touchscreens.  There is a large variety of stylus pens available but the one listed here was tested and shown to be the best value under $1.00.  

There is actually a science to the quality of stylus and we received an education on this.  Some stylus pens on the market will not work very well with the most popular type of tablets and smartphones.  It is always best to test them first.  We personally tested the featured pen we are offering and it works well.  We would be happy to send you a sample if your interested.

One fear raised on this particular pen is if the user mistakenly doesn't retract the pen before tapping the device.  We even tested this and there were no scratches, or writing on the touchscreen.  

Speaking of smudges, the microfiber cloth is a handy product to clean the screen.  The size is 6" x 6" and the entire area is available for printing, in full color.  That's a huge amount of space. Use this space for charts, grids, photos, or endless possibilities.  Stock backgrounds are available for purchase.  We would be happy to send you a sample of this product too, if your interested.

Take a look at the specials and let us know if you're interested in anything. 

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